McCrometer Agriculture Irrigation

Agricultural irrigators operate in difficult environments with extreme climates where water flow measurement can be the difference between profit or loss. With 60 years of experience in agricultural irrigation, McCrometer provides reliable and low maintenance flow meter solutions to meet this industry’s tough requirements.
Propeller Flow Meters
McCrometer’s  Mc®Propeller Meter is the industry’s most popular irrigation propeller meters with 60 years of proven service. They set the standard for ease-of-use, reliability and economy. McCrometer also offers the Water Specialties brand of propeller meters. All McCrometer meters are available with pulse output for telemetry.

Key Features/Benefits
*Easy to read with a mechanical register that calculates both total and instantaneous flow
*Durable, built with a time-tested rugged design
*Straight-forward hassle-free installation
*Versatile with a wide range of applications